The 2011 Vision for Hadleigh

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The 2011 Masterplan was not implemented and the following materials therefore have a significance as historic documents. 

The introduction included: "The Masterplan has been prepared in partnership with key stakeholders, including Castle Point Borough Council and Essex County Council, the Highway Authority and the 2012 Olympic team.

 A comprehensive programme of community involvement has helped guide the Masterplan. This has included the opening of a regeneration shop in Hadleigh town centre and two targeted rounds of public consultation, as well as numerous stakeholder interviews and meetings. More information on community involvement can be found in Chapter 4. 1.2 | Purpose of the Masterplan.

Although vestiges of historic Hadleigh remain, the town centre is dominated by the divisive A13; making the town centre a ‘through-place’ rather than a ’to-place’. The town centre contains a number of potential development sites which could have a major impact on the future quality of the town. 

The Regeneration Partnership wishes to create a compact Hadleigh town centre with improved amenities, retail and leisure facilities that form an attractive focus for investment. By creating a truly mixed use attractive centre, Hadleigh can be revitalised and bring more life and vibrancy to the broader local community. 

The Masterplan sets out a framework for future development and change in Hadleigh town centre and will help Castle Point Borough Council to manage change over the coming years. It has been prepared to inform the public, potential investors and stakeholders interested in the future development of Hadleigh town centre."
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The original 2011 documentation is available to download in the following PDFs.


Masterplan (2903k)
Opens July 2011 Regeneration Plan

Introduction (2507k)
Pages 7 to 12 of 94

Understanding Hadleigh
Understanding Hadleigh (1512k)
Pages 13 to 19 of 94

Plan Framework
Plan Framework (4627k)
Pages 20 to 25 of 94

Community (2638k)
Pages 26 to 33 of 94

Heart of Hadleigh
Heart of Hadleigh (2651k)
Pages 34 to 43

Masterplan (5923k)
Top 10 projects pages 44 to 73

Route from Vision to Reality
Route from Vision to Reality (2453k)
Pages 74 to 81 of 94

Questionnaire (2261k)
Pages 82 to 85 of 94

Sustainability (2472k)
Pages 86 to 94 of 94

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