AGES Archaeological & Historical Association

A local archaeological society for Hadleigh and Thundersley

By Terry Barclay

As ENTHUSIASTIC AMATEURS, When we are not at home watching  TIME TEAM we have fun learning about …   THUNDERSLEY & HADLEIGH’S PAST     VIKINGS in BENFLEET      POTTERY ON CANVEY      WORLD WAR 2 DEFENCES in ESSEX    Meeting once a month on Tuesdays (usually the last Tuesday in the month) from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at Hadleigh United Reform Church To find out about AGES Archaeological & Historical Association, ring Terry on  01702 558936   Or visit our website at

Photo:Ages AHA at the Castle Point Show in 2007

Ages AHA at the Castle Point Show in 2007

Terry Barclay

Photo:Digging in a member's garden

Digging in a member's garden

Terry Barclay

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