Daws Heath WW2


By Sogit Zonnewijzer

I can remember the telephone cable from Hadleigh to Rayleigh put in by the Home Guard along the eastern edge of West Wood - does any remain?   I also remember the Auxillary unit 'hide out' in West Wood and the Army Pigeon Service lofts at Daws Heath - the pigeon eggs were good!

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I too remember a hide out. It was the north-east edge of West Wood,  overlooking the open fields of Daws Heath. It was mostly below ground level, similar to a wartime Anderson shelter but much larger and made of corrugated steel and covered with soil. Now long since gone and only a large hole remains there today.

By Pete Robbins
On 14/07/2016

Pictures and details of a replica 'hide-out' (Operational Base for Auxiliary Units) can be found on-line at www.coleshillhouse.com/coleshill-replica-operational-base.php

By Sogit Zonnewijzer
On 16/07/2016

To see an on-line video describing how auxillary units would have worked had we been invaded, go to http://www.coleshillhouse.com/the-auxiliary-units-history.php and follow the link to "History" and the video.

You may find it an eye opener. Were the local vicar and doctor similarly involved in Hadleigh?

Also, there was probably a similar base on the hill below St Peters in Thundersley and this may still exist below ground. If you know anything about this rumour or have knowledge of who were involved in the local secret groups, please get in touch with the Archive or leave a comment.

By Terry Barclay
On 16/07/2016