Daws Heath

A Place for Vagrants and Vagabonds

By Graham Cook

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Photo:Daws Heath pond.

Daws Heath pond.

This page was added by Graham Cook on 01/04/2011.
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Where was this pond?. The only pond I can recall was in a field near Clarks Corner, where there was an old fallen tree trunk laying in the middle. Local boys would spend many a happy hour laying on that log leaning to the water trying to catch newts.

The pond was at the triangle junction, Daws Heath Road and Western Road at the top (North) close by is Ann's Mini Market today. (Ed.)

By Ian Brighton
On 21/11/2013

I cannot recall this pond being there in the 1950's. As you turned left from the bottom of Fairmead Avenue you would walk past two wooden houses and H & J Carruthers small office before you reached the Triangle bus stop.

H & J Carruthers were local builders who built the majority of properties in Fairmead, Moorcroft and Lansdown avenues. Harry Carruthers also owned the property called Windy Ridge that was on the corner where Haresland Close meets Bramble Road.

From the bus stop you would see a few properties opposite on the Western Road side some of which were occupied by members of the Grigg family, these properties were fairly close to the road. As you looked right you would see the Triangle cottage that was owned by a lady who had an elder son called Rex. This property backed on to the fields owned by Grandad Grigg. As you looked left from the bus stop there were a few houses before the bend in the road that led down to the Daws Heath brook. One of these houses was owned by the Godfrey family and another belonged to farmer Foskett whose fields backed on to the bungalows in Fairmead Avenue. I believe that either the Godfrey's property or one next door was once a bakery. I cannot recall a pond being in that area otherwise it would have been populated by local children hunting for newts etc.

By Ian Brighton
On 07/12/2013

See separate article by Bob Delderfield ' The Daws Heath Ponds' to help clarify locations. (Ed)

By Graham Cook
On 07/12/2013

This photo is of the pond at the top of the Heath near Ann's shop. It was filled in when the houses were built near Ann's shop. The photo shows my great grandfather Alfred Grigg known in the family as "baby grandpa" due to his small stature. It shows him on his milk round with "Jerry" pulling the cart.  He would always stop in the pond to let Jerry have a drink before carrying on. Baby Grandpa lived at "Ebeneezers" a weather boarded cottage which used to stand beside the path running next to the graveyard in the middle of the Heath where the majority of the "Grigg" family are buried. "Ebeneezers"  was a small holding which ran down to the bungalow that was at the point of the Heath. Baby Grandpa died a week before his 99th birthday in 1969. Sorry I don't know when the photo was taken.

By Charlotte Grigg
On 17/10/2014

Hi, this is a message for Charlotte Grigg. I think I may be related to Alfred Grigg. My great Grandmother was a Harriet Grigg and the family had a dairy I believe in Thundersley. If you could e-mail me back at some point at graham_mccarthy@skillsoft.com I would very much appreciate it. Thanks, Graham.

By Graham McCarthy
On 07/12/2014

Hi, a message for Charlotte Grigg. I assume you are Peter and Eileen's daughter and if so it would be great to hear from you. I am Jackie's son, grandson of Winifred Mary who was married to our grandfather Bertie Grigg. Would be good to hear from you on thornm100@btinternet.com.

By Mark Thorn
On 20/08/2015

Charlotte Grigg, I believe I'm related to you via my father who is your cousin, Peter Winnington, please email me emmawinnington@hotmail.com


By Emma Winnington
On 04/02/2016

Charlotte Grigg, I believe I'm related to you via my father, who is your cousin Peter Winnington, please email me emmawinnington@hotmail.com


By Emma Winnington
On 04/02/2016

This is a message for Charlotte Grigg, you are my 2nd cousin, my father is your cousin Peter Winnington, his mother was Muriel Grigg: Winnington. I believe you went to my parents wedding, it would be good to get in touch :)

By Emma Winnington
On 04/02/2016

I was born at "Windyridge" Bramble Road,  Daws Heath.  My father was William Carruthers who with his brother Harry developed the Haresland Estate   [Fairmead, Moorcroft  and Landsdowne Avenues]  in the 1930s.   My maternal grandmother  lived at the house at the Triangle; she died in 1932.  I have a memory of evacuees from London arriving in a lorry near the Triangle, Daws Heath during the blitz;  many stayed and settled in the area. At one time in the worst of the raids we who were at  Hadleigh  Council  School  had classes in local homes.   So many memories.

By Jean de Jong
On 22/02/2017
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