Hadleigh Library Display

Education Revolution in Hadleigh

By Chris Worpole

The Community Archive notice-board in Hadleigh Library shows how Chris Worpole continues to develop the theme of Education in Hadleigh, starting with the people who ran the earliest school.

Photo:Schooling display Oct/Nov 2012

Schooling display Oct/Nov 2012

G Cook / C Worpole

Autumn 2014: the Board showed how the design of the school building came from one of the most famous Gothic architects, George Edmund Street. 

Photo:Famous Architect comes to Hadleigh

Famous Architect comes to Hadleigh

M Williams / C Worpole

For a more detailed look at the individual pages pinned to the Board; here are the pages to download and enjoy.  Their design and combination are all copyright to Chris Worpole.

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