How Plants Get Around

HGA Talk by Julia Tetley

By Nick Turner

15th October 2015 Hadleigh Old Fire Station:
Starting with the road sign ‘Heavy Plant Crossing’,  {just search the web for “Funny Signs and Tom Hanks”}  Julia entertained the Association with a talk that started with habitat adaptation, hopping from Ostrya virginiana to the Two-Tree Island salt-marsh plants moving up the new A130, following salt used for de-icing.   Tree-felling, whether planned or storm-caused, had thrown woodland plants into full sunshine and some adapted successfully. 

Photo:Julia found local hops

Julia found local hops


Adaptation and movement are underpinned by fungus and plant reproduction in all its forms;  from Sumac suckers to a vast array of methods of distribution of spores and seeds.    
A picture of Billet Lane reminded us of past cattle tracks and the use by plant seeds of animals for distribution, for example burdock seed heads with their formidable array of hooks which gave the idea for Velcro.  Through holidays and migrations, plants are also moved by people.    Just how well plants have exploited all the distribution methods was shown in the final  pictures;   of the habitats where plants flourish.  Even without the legs of triffids, it is clear that plants have got around most of the planet,  and just as well, as we need their oxygen!   After the tea break, Julia kindly answered questions, too. 

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