Library Recycling

Photo:Recycle advice corner, Hadleigh Library

Recycle advice corner, Hadleigh Library


Photo:Composting is easy

Composting is easy


Photo:Gardening with recycling

Gardening with recycling


Regeneration and Growth

February 2017;  we will soon hear how Hadleigh Library - one of the key local assets - might be recycled in a planned regeneration scheme for central Hadleigh, Essex.

The library itself currently has a recycle information corner - as pictured  here - which has sprouted a crop of useful leaflets, free mini packs and contact details for more information.

The 2” square mini packs of carrot and tomato seeds could start people - if they are not already - growing their own, a tasty alternative to moving produce around the country. After eating the carrots and tomatoes, their leaves and trimmings are suitable for recycling in a compost, advice for which is available here.

Other well-proven ingredients of a healthy compost include tea bags, cardboard egg-boxes and modest layers of grass cuttings.
Regenerating your garden with home-grown compost helps grow better home produce; for more general recycling information, further reducing environmental and other costs, refer to  and

Even before you have grown your own, we can recommend Hadleigh's active Gardening Association,  the next meeting of which is Thursday 16 Feb 2017 at Hadleigh Old Fire Station. High Street, Hadleigh, SS7 2PA. For more details, click here.   The HGA members have tremendous knowledge of local conditions and willingly offer helpful advice on what to grow, where and when.

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