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Albert Guy was my grandad. I visited him and my nan when they lived in Parkfields and also visited grandad when he was in Abbeyfields in Chapel Lane. I lived in Chapel Lane as a child with my parents and spent many happy hours playing down the lane.

By Denese Doo
On 15/10/2012

I  spent many happy years listening to interesting stories told by my Grandparents Albert and Jean Guy, of their life on the Salvation Army Colony. We were brought up in Hadleigh/Thundersley. I then met Keith who coincidently lived at Seaview Terrace in the house next door to where my dad and his brother were born on the Colony. Keith's dad, my father-in-law John Wells, also worked on the farm for many years. Albert my Grandads final years were spent in the Abbeyfields home in Chapel Lane close to where he worked and lived years before. He used to enjoy chatting to John when he was working in the field next to Abbeyfields.

Granddaughter Susan Wells formerly Susan Guy

By Susan Wells
On 16/02/2014

What a wonderful story. I walk the circuit of Hadleigh Castle every day and pass the old  red brick built dairy. These milking parlours used to fascinate me as a child and I often looked in the Bull pen with the ring on the wall with Big Mr Bull tethered by a rope. So a very sad sight for me yesterday with Mr Digger man smashing it all up for the new Bike hub. Come on planning Folks, couldn't you have incorporated the old buildings into storage sheds?

Yet another bit of history gone, so sad.

By Roger Shinn
On 17/02/2014

I lived in Sayers Farm house from the age of 3 through to about 21 - my father was dairy manager and also ran a fishing club for 30 years on the farm where he still lives, many, many stories of growing up at Sayers Farm House, the farm was my playground. I can share many stories about my life on the farm as a boy and my father the diary manager - so many fantastic times and happiness.

By Darren Bull
On 23/09/2014

Does anyone remember any stories told about the Colony during the early to mid 1920s period? My Grandparents first met there before they went to the Salvation Army college in London to train to be officers and my mother and I would love to know more. My Grandmother's father was a local builder in Hadleigh and built the two Millfield houses between Rectory Road and Scrubs Lane.

By Eliza Mood
On 13/08/2015

Dear Eliza Mood, can you tell me the names of your grandparents who went on to become Salvation Army officers. Also the name of your grandmother's builder. It would help to see if we can help out with your research.

Graham Cook

By Graham Cook
On 13/08/2015

Dear Graham Cook, My Grandfather was George Henry Noble and my Grandmother, Hilda Violet Bright. I think her father, the builder, may have been Joseph Bright but I will try and confirm this. Thank you for your interest. Eliza

By Eliza Mood
On 15/08/2015