Thundersley Village Bakery

Patmore Brothers

By Ian Hawks

The two Patmore Brothers ran the shop and bakery on the site which is now Dans Mini Market. Living at No 85 opposite, it was a joy to wake up and smell the new bread being baked.

To the south was a row of old wooden cottages. Living in the middle one was an elderly gentleman who unfortunately one morning knocked an oil stove over and set fire to the cottage, the firemen were unable to save him.

Photo:Bakery & cottage fire, 1950's

Bakery & cottage fire, 1950's


Photo:Same view,2011

Same view,2011


Photo:The Cottage 1920's

The Cottage 1920's

From a postcard.

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I remember the bakery and cottages. I lived at 154 Hart Road and walked to the school from 1953 till 1959. Good times.

By dee
On 20/07/2011

The cottages were called Primrose Cottages and were painted primrose yellow, and Patmores bakers would have rows of open biscuit tins and you bought your biscuits loose in a paper bag.

By Peter Robbins
On 23/01/2012

We lived in Hart Rd in 1950s and my dad, Bernard Mace, worked at Patmores before and after the war.

By anthony mace
On 16/01/2015

I remember the following Thundersley shops and people in the 1960s - 1970s: 

Mr Trodd - The Greengrocer

The Fish shop - an elderly lady called ' Emmy ' used to work there

Mr Pope - The school lollipop man

Key Markets - Supermarket

A hardware shop on the corner by the school

Bridgette's hairdressers - I had my haircut there sitting on a wooden board across the chair arms!

The sweet shop  - we all used to 'storm' this tiny place after school!

Gwen's - the wool shop.

I also remember on the same side as the Fish shop there was a small shoe shop, a bakery, a carpet shop and further along where the Elderly peoples residential home now is there was a small shoe menders and a 'Wiggins' office where my Grandparents paid the rent.   

Does anyone remember the shop that sold 'Ladybird' children's clothes in the parade of shops around the corner?




By Denny Warner
On 11/04/2015

Does anyone know who owned the shop in Hadleigh which is now Maison Noir, and before that a photographers?

By betty cordery
On 14/01/2016