Potter Family Tales from the Thundersley Turnpike

By Terry Barclay

The information in the family tree with this article was provided by Peter and Susan Lewsey at the November 2013 Archive slideshow event.

In 1841, Peter’s great, great, great grandparents, Thomas and Sophia Potter, occupied the Turnpike cottage at the corner of Daws Heath Road and Rayleigh Road, Thundersley (and their son, Emmanual, the nearby beer house, now the Woodmans).

Click here for the archive article Hadleigh and Thundersley Turnpike Roads, by Val Jackson which lists the names of the later toll collectors in 1851 and 1861. (Interestingly, in 1861, there again appears to be a link between the family of the toll collector and the nearby beer house.)

Thomas’s granddaughter, Eliza Potter, married Charles Choppen (one of the family of Hadleigh wheelwrights). (Click here for the archive article High Street Wheelwrights in Victorian Hadleigh, by Chris Worpole.)

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