Recipe for a Christmas Afternoon

Enjoy our quiz!


1.   Put the kettle on.

2.   Make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee.

3.   Take a warm mince pie out of the oven/microwave (cream optional).

4.   Settle in front of the computer - try to resist the End of Year Sales.

5.   Enjoy our Christmas Challenge!


All the answers to our Christmas Quiz can be found on our website - use the internal search engine to find the related articles.  Questions are suitable for all the family - hopefully you will discover something interesting - local history in easy bites.        Ho! Ho! Ho!


The Christmas Quiz:

1    What happened to St Peter's Church, Thundersley, on Christmas Day 1209?

2    Which Hadleigh landmark features in a painting by John Constable?

3    Which Crimean War Veteran is buried in St James the Less churchyard?

4    Who was the manager of the Kingsway Cinema, Hadleigh, in 1948?

5    What was the occupation of Frederick Wanstall?

6    What happened to Eliza Dolby on 27th February 1863?

7    How many shoemakers lived in Hadleigh in 1841?

8    How long did it take to develop photographs at Mr F W Ward's shop?

9    Why did Bob Nichols get the cane?

10   Which Hadleigh character has a Twitter Account?

11   Who came 8th in the Women's Olympic Mountain Bike Event 2012?

12   Which ex Time Team presenter was in Daws Heath on 5th/6th June 2013?

You have now completed our Christmas Challenge.


Have a cracker of a Christmas and maybe a Snowball or two?

Warmest season's greetings

From the team at Hadleigh & Thundersley Community Archive.


Ps The correct answers will be posted on our website in January 2014, click here for link.



Recipe for a Christmas afternoon
Recipe for a Christmas afternoon (73k)
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