VE Day Party, Meadow Road, Hadleigh

By Bob Delderfield

Photo:VE Day Party, Meadow Road, Hadleigh

VE Day Party, Meadow Road, Hadleigh

Collection of Derek Owen

Identification of individuals has been done by Derek Owen from memory. Derek is usually right but possible corrections are welcome. Anyone who can fill in the blanks please put details in Comments below.

To assist you the picture has been split in two.


Photo: Illustrative image for the 'VE Day Party, Meadow Road, Hadleigh' page

RIGHT HAND TABLE        Clockwise starting front left :

Cliff Lammas, Brian Cockbain, Tony Marsh, Mike Cockbain, David Cockbain, ……?…. Marsh, Winnie Lammas, John Haggar, Len Cowling, Rex Turnidge, Derek Owen. Mr Gibbs is standing at rear of table on right. Joan Buckley is standing on left of table in front of Mrs Turnidge who is holding a small child so far unnamed.


Photo: Illustrative image for the 'VE Day Party, Meadow Road, Hadleigh' page

LEFT HAND TABLE     all rows from left to right                         

At rear standing against the fence,  :

Molly ……?…, Mrs Haggar, Mrs Gibbs holding David Gibbs

Row of 4 girls standing in front of the three ladies above :

…...?..... ,  Janet Gibbs, ……?...... , Ethel Chapman

Front row sitting on bench :

Eddie Turnidge, Doug Buckley, Len Buckley, ……?…. Cowling, Marion Cowling, Eileen Cowling

                                             Rest of table working from left to right :

Rosie Turnidge (by fence), Victor Cowling, Eileen Lander, …?…… Turnidge, Lewis Harmond, Ray Haggar, Joyce Lammas, Eric Lammas, Alfred Cowling, Sheila Cockbain, Billy Lammas, Kathleen Cockbain

The garden ground in the photo belonged to the bungalow on the left. It was owned by Mr Spurgeon, the builder. Behind the fence to the rear is a timber yard.

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