How to contribute

A guide to adding information to the H&TCA

You can add your words and photos to this site instantly by creating a new page. Just register a username and password, and off you go! You'll be guided through the process by simple on-screen instructions and it only takes 10 minutes.

So what could you add?

  • an old photo of Hadleigh or Thundersley
  • a new photo recording some aspect of either town today
  • memories of living or working in either town
  • information about some aspect of the history of Hadleigh or Thundersley

Look round this site to see what other people have added. Many people just add a photo or two with a couple of paragraphs of text. Others add whole photo galleries or sections of the site.

If you would like to add a multimedia item (sound or video clip) or a self-contained document (eg. Word or PDF document), please send an e-mail to the address below. One of the site editors will then get in touch and arrange for the item to be uploaded and added to your page.

It's so easy!

  • You can sign in right now, create a rough draft or test page, and log in later to finish it.
  • When you're ready, you press a button to submit your words and photos to our editors for publishing

Terms and conditions

There are certain terms and conditions applicable to your use of the H&TCA website. Please read the Terms of use page

Any questions?

Do you need any help with the material you're thinking of adding? Do you need help with writing your story, or help with publishing it to the site?  Please email

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This page was added by Malcolm Brown on 23/10/2010.
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Hello all,
Have posted on this site previously. Now need some help if possible. Need to know the precise location of Fane Wood and if possible its significance within the area. Thank you


{Ed: In the draft local plan, there is a reference to Fane Wood ---link follows:  }


By Derek Parker
On 13/03/2016