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Very interesting and well collated

On 06/08/2011

One of our relations stood 6 away from the one marked with x. Great to see the school photo.

By Kate Knott
On 22/06/2012

Come on then, Kate! We're all agog. Tell us which one exactly, and a bit more about your family, please. (Who knows what amusement it might lead to for you.)

By David Hurrell
On 03/07/2012

This is super, I am currently researching my family tree and believe I am a direct descendant of John Chalk.

By Michelle Quintavalle
On 23/10/2012

Ah, Chalks! In the flat above Chalks, in the 40s and 50s, lived a family called Joseph.  I was great friends with the son Tony, who I recall went to Westcliff High. He taught me to ride a bike, and I became a racing cyclist in the Benfleet Wheelers. Tony's dad was policeman in South Africa, I think that really was their nationality, and he was rarely there. When I visited the UK in the 90s, Tony and I got together and had great reminiscences.

By Don Thompson [jnr]
On 20/11/2012

I am so excited to read this, I am researching my family tree and my great great great grandfather was John Chalk.  I'd love to hear from anyone who is related to this family.

By Joan Campbell (Chalk)
On 27/02/2015

My mother was born 1934 as Irene Chalk;  her grandfather had a shop, a greengrocers I believe.  I know it was somewhere in England as we are all Scottish, she had 3 sisters and 3 brothers. I'm sure her father was a brummie and moved down south during the war, feel there must be a connection especially with the shop !!!! 

By Debra Forsyth
On 17/10/2016

My mother who is Irene Chalk, her father was Ernest Chalk who worked for Marsh and Baxter: meat suppliers.  His father was the one who had the greengrocers; don't know his name but was married to a lady called Drinkwater. He had a brother called Sydney Chalk.

By Debra Forsyth
On 30/10/2016