Memories of an old Hadleigh resident


By Ian Hawks

I was born in Hadleigh in 1923 at No. 5 Castle Road, which at the time was a nursing home. My parents Leslie and Doris Hawks lived at "Dorlie" No. 72 Castle Road West; overlooking  the Salvation Army farm and old Citadel.  It's now owned by Robert Hallmann who recently very kindly showed me around my old home and which bought back some very happy memories. My Sister Erica was born later and married Francis Prout of G. Prout and Sons boatbuilders  of Canvey. They retired to live in Suffolk. Erica died 18th September 2010

  My first school was a small school at  No. 15 Arcadian Gardens run by Miss Howeship. {Erica and my wife Pearl also  went there} from there I went on to Highfield College, Leigh and then Lindesfarne College, Westcliff.   I joined the Merchant Navy in 1938 as a deck apprentice and during the war served in the Royal Fleet Auxillary on tankers. On leaving the sea, I went into  boatbuilding on Canvey with the Prouts.

  10th April 1948 I married Pearl Horder at St Peters Church Thundersley. {Pearl died 2006} Our first house was Alverstone No. 48 Castle Lane which cost us £900, a few years ago it was up for sale for £209,950.

 I now live in Thundersley village.

My paternal grandfather, Alfred Hawks, was headmaster of the Church School, now Sandcastle Nursery. He was also on the local council and was choirmaster and organist at St James church. The first schoolhouse he lived in was on the site of Runwell House at the corner of  Common Hall Lane. On his retirement, he built Holbro House No. 40 Chapel Lane which still stands.

My maternal grandfather, Rev H Davis Bull was connected with the Congregational Church in Church Road. He lived at Resthaven No.5 Elm Road, Hadleigh. The garden backed on to Dorlies garden without a fence, which made a large area to play in.

I would like to hear from anyone who knew Miss Howeship and of the Nursing Home.

Attached are a few photos taken in the 1930's.


Photo:DORLIE 1930



Photo:DORLIE 2010






Photo:HOLBRO HOUSE 1930 Alfred Hawks

HOLBRO HOUSE 1930 Alfred Hawks


Photo:Rev.& Mrs Bull

Rev.& Mrs Bull


Photo:Castle Lane from Dorlie showing old elm trees and old S.A Citadel

Castle Lane from Dorlie showing old elm trees and old S.A Citadel


Photo:Doris,Ian,Erica & Leslie Hawks 1941

Doris,Ian,Erica & Leslie Hawks 1941


Photo:Four years as apprentice aboard

Four years as apprentice aboard


Photo:Ian on left learning to wire splice

Ian on left learning to wire splice


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There was a Kathleen E Howship & Lilian N Howship living at "Bonchurch" Arcadian Gardens,  in 1939.

By Hilary
On 19/09/2011

Kathleen Howship with her sister Lilian ran Holmwood Preparatory School at No 15 Arcadian Gardens. Maybe the house was called Bonchurch. Lilian did not teach. Miss Elsie B Brown, a music teacher who lived in Glenmere Park Avenue, was assistance teacher.

By Ian Hawks
On 03/10/2011