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Photo:Mrs & Mr Packham

Mrs & Mr Packham


HOFS 9th November 2011

By Sue Willis

During the 9th November 2011 meeting in the HOFS Appliance Bay, we invited people to see how the archive web-site works and how to navigate the site easily. The audience nominated themes and the on-site searching system was used to find relevant articles. We displayed the live web-site via a lap-top and projector.

One of the articles chosen was about the Packham Brothers garage on Bread and Cheese Hill,  in which one of the pictures is entitled...  The Packham Brothers Garage on Bread and Cheese Hill, with owner Sidney Packham on left, next to his son Philip aged three or four.

Philip was in the meeting with his wife and in the tea break their picture was taken and,  after the break,  the audience participated in building this simple article including the picture to the right.   If you want to see the original article, just click here.

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This is a very interesting article as I had a friend named Ronald Packham who lived at these premises. It would have been in the late 1940s-1950 Ronald had a large American car and I hired him to take my mother and brother to Nottingham as I was getting married there. We also used the car for the bride to travel to the church for the wedding.

By David Guy
On 06/10/2012