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My wife worked in the Waggon and Horses from 1977 to 1995; I also worked there from time. The waggon mentioned never did get destroyed by fire; it was taken down and removed as a safety precaution, as well as taking away the concerns of some diners who were put off by the mechanical swinging motion fitted to it when installed. For a short while it was in the car park but then stripped down and parts used elsewhere to decorate other branches. There must still be a few people out there who can remember this.

By Rob Keen
On 21/06/2013

I remember the wagon after it was moved out to the front of the building. It ended up in a very large builders skip and I asked one of the workmen if I could have one of the larger wheels. He joked that if I could get it out, I could have it. Undaunted, I placed a scaffold board against the skip and with some help from my mother we somehow manoeuvred the wheel to the forecourt (it was incredibly heavy and the operation was both dangerous and, frankly, foolhardy).  We were rather disappointed with its condition, for it was surprisingly rotten and waterlogged. Nevertheless, we proceeded to trundle it to her home in Hadleigh Park Avenue, where it adorned the front of her bungalow for a number of years before finally succumbing to the ravages of nature. The iron tyre still survives in 2016.

By David Hurrell
On 21/12/2016