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Some notes on finding people

By Malcolm Brown

This page is a trial listing of people mentioned in pages under other categories, e.g. 'Businesses', 'Organisations, and 'Sport'.

Appleton, William (Postmaster) - here

Banyard, James (Wesleyan founder of the Peculiar People movement) - here

Benton, Eliza (Postmistress) - here

Choppen family - here

Coleman, R.J. (Estate agent) - here

Heard, C.W. (Estate agent) - here

Keddie, George James & Sons (Draper) - here

Lloyd, George (Postmaster) - here

Packham family - here

Patmore brothers (Thundersley bakers) - here

Potter, Emma (Postmistress) - here

Potter, James Swain (Grocer & Postmaster) - here

Shalders, Denise - here

(Ernest) John Upton (Butcher) - here

Ward, F.W. (Photographer) - here

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