"Daffodils and Spring Flowers" by Robert Wiseman

Hadleigh Gardening Association, 15th March 2012 at HOFS

Robert gave his background in judging and mentioned his garden design seminars, organic fruit and vegetable growing advice.  For Spring, he suggested a tulip and pansy combined planting, over-planted in summer with salvias.   Polyanthus / primulas / primroses are hardy and can be divided to build a plant scheme lasting for years.   When presenting Gold Lace polyanthus for a flower show, it is important to gently push each floret to create as nearly spherical an overall shape as possible.

Photo:Gold Lace polyanthus

Gold Lace polyanthus

The National Auricula & Primula Society

Propagation Hints:   Pansy is easy to propagate using the layering technique;  open a paperclip into a U shape, and use this to peg a stem into contact with the soil.  When roots have formed and it is self-sustaining, separate the new plant.   Some narcissus are £6 per bulb but only 60p for a packet of seed; however the seed can take 5 years to produce a flowering plant.  

An excellent tip for better appreciation of scented crocuses, is to plant them in pots so they can be enjoyed for a few days indoors before being rotated back into the garden.  Consider doing this for galanthus, also.         

Photo:Cyclamen hederifolium;  click on this picture to magnify

Cyclamen hederifolium; click on this picture to magnify

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike Generic license

Cyclamen hederofolium - if grown in one place in the garden - will eventually spread as ants distribute the seeds.   Amongst many other types of spring flower mentioned, Iris reticulata, 'Katherine Hodgkin',  was a timely choice, as this also featured on the Gardeners' World program of the following evening.   Click here ( for a limited time ) to see the programme, and just over 18 minutes into the episode is a very brief view of this iris. 

After tea, Robert took questions on conserving the vigour of bulbs and the high cost for enthusiasts of maintaining a fresh stock of bulbs to produce prize-winning show blooms.  The good news for those who do not spend large sums on bulbs is that the professionals do not win all the prizes.

Robert concluded with a closer look at his demonstration table, provided hints for good presentation of show blooms, and passed round a Corbière bloom for closer examination. 

Photo:Table Display 15th March 2012

Table Display 15th March 2012

Hadleigh Gardening Association

To the right in the picture, behind the daffodil, we can see the small white flowers of Tulipa Turkestanica.   

There was much more in the presentation and for more information, you could contact Robert Wiseman at  bancroftgardens@gmail.com.

Click here for the Hadleigh Gardening Association;  which has its Spring Show Saturday, 31st March 2012; at the Methodist Church Hall, Chapel Lane.

As usual, any errors are the responsibility of the author and not of the HGA and Presenter.

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