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A very interesting story. I found in other sources that the family was of Saxon origin. My ancestors originate from lower Saxony as far back as the Year 1500. I've been looking for a connection as to whether the same name families are related or not. So far without any result. If anyone has any info on the subject, I would appreciate it very much if you would drop me a line.

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By Jack D Strangmann
On 07/03/2012

Hi Sandra - you have done a good job of bringing the various threads together, congratulations! I have still been unable to establish the link between my line and the Waterford Strangmans but I am sure all will be revealed one day.

By Denis Strangman, Canberra, Australia
On 13/03/2012

Dear Sandra, I have a small correction for you, concerning Edith Peel, who married George Strangeman. She was not the Great Grand-daughter of Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Bart, founder of the Police Force, but of his father, Sir Robert Peel, 1st Bart. Her Grandfather was William Yates Peel, brother of the famous Sir Robert. Also she was born in Marylebone, London in 1878. They married in 1919 in Waterford. I am trying to compile a complete tree of the Peel family, so if you have any information on Edith's death, I would love to here from you. Kind regards Caspar Graham

By Caspar Graham
On 14/06/2012

Bridget, daughter of Sir Bartholomew Strangman, married Phillip Gawdy of West Harling about 1595. She was buried at St Margaret's, Westminster 11th June 1609. Is there a baptismal record for Bridget somewhere, or indeed a marriage record?

By Lesley Harris
On 09/11/2012

Hello; I have just read this page. I am a distant relative of the Strangmans - my sister is Patricia Strand.

I am now living (having lived in many places) in Blofield Heath, Norwich; not too far from Bradwell! So was amused to read there were Strangmans in the area.  Interesting stuff.  Today I met with a 3rd cousin Tracy Smith who told me about Mary Strangman.  Tracy and I are both very much into Healing and nursing the dying.  I just wanted to say hello.


By Liz Gilmour
On 17/01/2015

Thanks for the interesting info, greatly increases my Strangman heritage.  What is the source for Robert's sale of land to Thomas?  I'd love to be able to include it in my notes.

By Anne McDonald
On 30/10/2016

Hi Sandra - I have inherited a large case of family documents from my mother-in-law Rosemary (granddaughter of Kathleen Scott Taylor, and grt grt granddaughter of Sarah Lloyd Strangman and William Scott Taylor), letters, accounts, including some copies of handwritten accounts of Strangmans and their history in Hadleigh.  It may be that these are documents you have already seen and incorporated above, but I've scanned them all to pdf and I'm very happy to share a Dropbox link to your email address, or anyone else's, if you'd like to check them? 

By Maureen Powell Davies
On 03/03/2017